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পাওয়ার অফ এটর্নি (আম মোক্তারনামা)

Power of Attorney (POA) is a document that allows the applicant to appoint a person or organization from abroad to manage his/her affairs in Bangladesh. Power of Attorney is processed in accordance with the ‘The Power of Attorney Act-2015’. The POA executants and receivers are requested to read the ‘Power of Attorney Act-2015’ before initiating the process.

Please book an appointment prior to visiting the Consulate.

* Note: Applicants living in the NSW & Queensland will apply for the endorsement of  Power of Attorney at the Consulate General for the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Sydney. 

Applicants from all other states and territories are requested to approach the High Commission of Bangladesh in Canberra for this service.

** Power of attorney is not permissible in case of divorce.

General Requirements
  1. Booking Appointment: Please book an appointment from the following link prior to visiting the Consulate General of Bangladesh in Sydney for 'Power of Attorney' service. (Please ensure that you have all required documents prior to approaching the Consulate for PoA service. Following are the general requirements for PoA service. Please check 'Documents Required' section for detail requirements.)
  2. Physical presence of the executant(s) at the Consulate General to sign in front of the consular officer.
  3. Unsigned “power of attorney" document [photocopy/scanned copy NOT accepted]
  4. Physical appearance is not required if the document is attested by the office of the NSW and Queensland Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). Please contact DFAT for the detail procedures.

* Incomplete application form or application with incorrect information or insufficient supporting papers will not be received or processed.

Required Documents for PoA:

  1. Application form (duly completed and signed) [Download application form]
  2. Valid Bangladesh Passport/National ID Card (Smart Card)/17-digit online verifiable Bangladesh Birth Certificate of both executant(s) and executee(s) as the proof of identity & the photocopy of the same; [Handwritten/expired passports are NOT accepted]
  3. Australian Photo ID Card (eg. Foreign Passport/Driver’s License etc.) of the executant(s) as a proof of residence & the photocopy;
  4. 2 (two) copies passport-size photos (not older than 6 months) with white background of the executant(s) and executees(s);
  5. In case the land/property owner is not alive, his/her sons/daughters/legal heir(s) shall be required to present the copy of succession certificate duly attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Bangladesh to obtain or hand over power of attorney with regards to the land/property of the deceased person & the photocopy;
  6. Payment receipt (If paid in advance by EFT); EFTPOS are also available at the counter; (please see Fees & Payment section for other mode of payments);

Counter-Attestation of Power of Attorney by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), Dhaka:

  • The Power of Attorney document must be attested by the MOFA, Dhaka within 2 (two) months from the date of signing at the Consulate General.

Documents Submission Time: Between 9:30 am- 12:00 pm & 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm (Monday – Friday). Weekend and Public holidays closed.

Delivery time: 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm (Monday - Friday, closed on weekends and public holidays)

Fees: Please check 'Fees & Payment' Section for details

*Special Notes (Please read carefully):

  • Additional documents may be required. The Consulate General of Bangladesh reserves the right to seek any additional document at any stage of the application process.
  • Incomplete application form or application with incorrect information or insufficient supporting papers may be rejected without citing any reason thereof. The consular fee is non-refundable even if the service is refused.
  • The Consulate General of Bangladesh reserves the right to withhold/cancel/reject any application without ascertaining any reason.

The applicants are advised to read the following carefully prior to proceeding further:

    1. Consular fees are received for processing applications. Hence, consular fees are non-refundable even if an application is rejected or withdrawn.
    2. Bangladesh High Commission in Canberra and Bangladesh Consulate General in Sydney are two separate entities. Service can’t be provided by the Consulate General of Bangladesh in Sydney against a payment made to the High Commission of Bangladesh in Canberra.
    3. Fees are subject to change without prior notice.
    4. The payment of the fee shall be made at least 03 working days prior to submitting the application form [In case of EFT].
    5. A copy of the payment transaction receipt shall be attached to the application form.
    6. Cash/personal cheque/Direct Deposit is NOT accepted.
    7. Credit card/EFTPOS payment is available at the consular counter. Transaction fee of the card company will be applied in addition to the consular fees.


Fee: For each set of document, fee for the first page is A$ 11.00 and A$ 6.00 for the subsequent pages.

Mode of payment

The fees may be paid in ONE of the following ways:

  1. Credit Card/EFTPOS payment at the Consulate’s service counter. [In such case, transaction surcharge of the respective card provider will be charged in addition to the consular fees];
  2. Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT);
  3. Postal Money Order/Bank Cheque payable to Consulate General of Bangladesh in Sydney;

Cash/personal cheque/Direct Deposit is NOT accepted.

Bank details for EFT:

Account Name: Consulate General of Bangladesh
BSB: 062 000
Account No: 1927 4083
Bank Name: Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Reference: [Service Name] [Applicant’s Full Name]. For example: PoA Jacob Hossain

*Please attach payment receipt with the application.

"Power of attorney" service are available by appointment only. Please book your appointment online from the following link.

Due to a high number of applications in recent times, you are requested to book your appointment as early as possible. The Consulate does not provide appointment over email or phone.

For further details, please check operating & service hours from the homepage of the Consulate’s website.

The applications along with other necessary documents may be sent to the following address by registered mail/courier, or may be submitted in person:

Consulate General of Bangladesh in Sydney 

Suite 2, Level 1
189 Kent Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

Submission in person: On working days from 9:30 AM-12:00 PM & 2:00PM-3:00 PM.

N.B.: The Consulate General of Bangladesh is not responsible for documents lost or delayed in mail / Courier

After necessary endorsement, the PoA document will be returned to the applicant. Once application is submitted and signed in presence of the consular officer, the documents will be processed. Please collect the document(s) from the Consulate counter during delivery hours of the Consulate.

Tips to fill-in PoA application form 

  • Complete all required fields;
  • Attach TWO colour photos with white background on the application form. One for the executant and one for the executee. If there are multiple exucutants or executees, please attach photos of each executant and executee on the form;
  • Include all required documents [Original & Photocopies as described in the 'Documents Required' section of the page];
  • Payment Receipt (if paid in advance by EFT);